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Join InnovaReach in shaping a brighter future for Africa. Our collaborative approach unites global expertise with local insights, creating impactful solutions. Together, we can transform challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth and innovation. Let's build a prosperous, empowered Africa.

"About InnovaReach: Uniting Expertise for Africa's Future"

InnovaReach, a brand born from the amalgamation of several companies, epitomizes expertise and innovation, primarily aimed at empowering Africa. Our journey began under the banner of Bewell Global Inc., accumulating over 15 years of experience in African territories. During this period, we have successfully executed numerous projects that demonstrate our versatility and commitment.

Our accomplishments include the installation of a 150 MW power plant, pivotal in energizing local communities. We have constructed and established a textile factory, alongside renovating and modernizing three medium-scale weaving factories with advanced electro-mechanical systems. In the realm of military infrastructure, our projects extend to building factory buildings and installing comprehensive machinery parks.

Notably, we have ventured into mining with the construction and equipment installation of a gold mine. Beyond these, our involvement in various government and military projects has been extensive and impactful. In agriculture, we have designed and executed community-focused developmental projects, contributing significantly to local agricultural advancements.

Our drone division, staffed with some of Turkey's leading experts, has managed projects for the Turkish military and numerous private entities. Specializing in rotary and fixed-wing UAVs, this team not only handles production but also provides international-standard training, showcasing our prowess in this sector.

Another branch of our expertise lies in solar energy, where our team is dedicated to implementing sustainable and efficient energy solutions. Complementing this is our specialization in precision agriculture, utilizing the latest technologies to enhance farming practices.

InnovaReach stands as a testament to our belief in Africa's potential and future. We are dedicated to contributing to the continent’s growth through our diverse range of services and projects. Our mission is not just to execute projects but to inspire a wave of sustainable development and innovation across Africa. This commitment is the driving force behind our every endeavor, as we continue to invest in the continent's future, making InnovaReach synonymous with trust, expertise, and transformation in Africa."




Mr. Murat KIMIK, a co-founder of our organization, is a distinguished professional known for his analytical mindset, readiness to learn, open-mindedness, and exceptional organizational skills. Graduating from Marmara University in 1990 with a Bachelor's Degree, he immediately embarked on a prestigious career by joining the Turkish Air Force. During his tenure, he specialized in F-16 fighter jets, receiving extensive training in various technical aspects, including total fuselage parts exchange, fuel systems, and basic electronic systems. Mr. KIMIK's expertise extends to Total Quality Management, where he has actively worked on several projects. After retiring from the F-16 Main Jet Base in 2015, he transitioned to a second career in business, applying his disciplined military approach to the corporate world. His passion for aviation is further exemplified in his hobby as a professional RC (Radio Controlled) Aircraft and Helicopter pilot, where he designs, builds, and flies mini and tactical class UAVs. With over 9600 flight hours on Radio Controlled Air Vehicles, he is also an accomplished drone instructor, having trained over 1000 individuals in military, police, and intelligence sectors. His enthusiasm for aviation is matched only by his love for life, always approaching challenges with a smile and a sense of humor.

Celal Arslan, a dynamic co-founder of our organization, stands as a testament to resilience and innovation. He is known for his exceptional leadership skills and an unparalleled ability to navigate through challenging environments, which, humorously enough, he considers his favorite hobby. His career is highlighted by his strategic thinking and ability to drive projects to success in the most demanding situations.
Celal's approach combines a deep understanding of global business dynamics with a unique flair for identifying and implementing practical solutions. His expertise is not confined to conventional strategies; instead, he thrives on crafting creative solutions in complex scenarios, making the impossible seem routine. His dedication to overcoming obstacles and turning them into opportunities has been a cornerstone of our company's growth and success.
Renowned for his quick wit and affable nature, Celal adds a touch of humor to even the most stressful situations, lightening the mood and enhancing team morale. This blend of professional acumen and personal charisma makes him not only a respected leader but also a beloved figure among colleagues and partners. Celal Arslan’s journey is a story of triumph over adversity, marked by his commitment to excellence and a continuous pursuit of new challenges.

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